Spherical Space

Chen Cui

The name of the podium is Spherical Space as this podium was created by adding and craving geometries, mostly spheres, out from a cube. Spheres were used as the cutting shapes because the curving lines produced visual contrasts with the straight lines of the cube.

Using a cone to cut a hole in the center of the cube to generate a centralized staircase location, that can quickly catch peoples attention. A big dome was carved at the base. Together with the stair, travelling to the top of the podium goes from a large open space to a smaller one and then the open-air podium. This space change could enhance the experience when people come on top of the podium.

The top of podium was also created by carving the cube with a sphere, but with much larger diameter, so the slope was suitable for walking without steps. This also allowed audience to sit down without providing any designated seating stations. A cone was inserted at a corner to act as the prominent stage for speakers as it was the highest standing point of the podium and could be easily seen from distance. Two geometries, both carved using two spheres, were also added to two corners providing sheltering and resting space for the audiences.