Pile UP

Erick Sanchez

Pile UP is one of twenty-two podiums which together form a playground assembly. The playground is open to the public as a means of interaction and entertainment allowing a different experience within each podium. Pile UP consists of a series of simple shapes and geometries, some which contain combined shapes and some which consist of shapes subtracted from one another. The shapes have been piled up within a 30x30x30 volume generating its final form once it has reached the boundaries of the volume. Another pile up of geometries and shapes are then extracted from the original pile up, creating a serious of delightful spaces within the overall form. A slight bend to the new overall form creates a welcoming effect for the audience coming in and creates an illusion of hierarchy for the individuals or groups on stage. These spaces allow the audience to engage in the same activities, while creating different experiences based on where individuals are situated within the podium.