Monument Podium

Zhang Yilu

A perfect cube was found at the dark side of the moon by Apollo 8 during the Cold War. After take it back to earth by Apollo 11, scientist started to measure the Cube. Tested by Carbon-14, the cube was built thousands of years ago. No matter how to measure, the length of each side is the same. People from both the Soviet Union and United State realized that they are facing a civilization far exceed them.

The Cold War ended in this way, however, another competition began. A challenge of basic science, of which party can build a cube as perfect as possible. The Soviet Union won the competition and send the cube to the moon with the price of over developed industry and poorly developed Light-industry. The Soviet Union collapse in 1990.

The cube built by United State was built into a podium as a monument of this history. Eight project was proposed to be collected. The Floating Podium was chosen as The Monument Podium for the reason that at the eye level in the podium there is nothing block the eye view but with a floating roof above. This is a reminder that even with the pride of what human has achieved and the courage to challenge, there is always another civilization above us and instead of trying to catch up with others, citizens of earth should put more focus on the contemporaries.