Zhenzhong Yang

This podium is called Ballium which is a word combined Ball with Podium. The reason why I call it Ballium is that sphere is the most important part in this design. There is a path in the sphere that can let people go up to the top, where there is an auditorium. Moreover, people can go to the other part of the podium through the path.

At first, I created a sphere and a cube. The cube is on the ground to support the sphere. Then I enlarged the size of the sphere and used some elements to boolean in order to create interior spaces. For example, I used some toruses to cut the bottom to make some gaps like tunnels for people walk though. Also, I used pipes to boolean on the sphere to create the path. Furthermore, I used cones to cut on the top of sphere to make an auditorium.

In my opinion, the most interesting thing of this podium is people can go from one platform to another through the path, and people could have some interactions in different platforms. People on the top can see people walk through the path. The walking people and the curving path will be a nice scene.